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Do you remember 2006?
 It was a moment when our society just needed a pattern interrupt. Something or someone to truly change our lives for the better. Just over 16 years ago, I set out on a mission to do just that.

Hi, my name is Kelly Wood, CEO/Founder of Novella Rotational USA, manufactures of a patent-pending rotational device called the K1 Kinector. But 16 years ago, I was changing people’s lives in a very different way. Back then, being the owner/operator of Dance Charlotte and Fitness dance studio was my way of enriching people’s lives. It was my revolutionary way of teaching fitness and having fun while doing it.
Traveling to National Pole Dance Competitions around the country, teaching clients, and hosting parties were great. But it wasn’t the core of what my focus was as the main pole instructor. After a few years in business, I realized something.

My commitment to truly enriching people’s lives was unwavering. Constantly innovating to create new ways to help you build your pole game wasn’t work, it was fun. That was my motivation. After 16 years in business, I moved on to use those same principles to enrich people’s lives through rotational rehabilitation I learned that true market disruption starts by actually making a difference in someone’s life.

Whether it’s Pole Dance Fitness Training or Rotational Rehabilitation, making a difference is what matters. Helping some achieve a glorious transformation that will change their lives forever. That was my mission 16 years ago and so it is today.
And that’s how it all began….

Pole dance charlotte staff members

 Kelly, Brittany, and Talia

Kelly is your primary instructor. 
Brittany and Talia help with registration and admittance to every live Zoom.  
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