total body workout

Finally! A pole fitness workout in PRIVATE. 

No Pole Choreography, Pole Trick or Spins, just 100% Pole Fitness 

This program is a total body, strength training, and resistance training program.   
For quick results, add in high-impact cardio on opposite days. 

What makes this workout unique? all exercises are executed using a vertical pole.
What makes it fun? It’s something that is new, exciting and it works! 

To start you will need a properly installed vertical pole. See the SHOP page to purchase

Each class is designed to strengthen & tone your upper body, core, and lower body.
We suggest a min of two classes each week, with added cardio you could see some type of results within 30 days. 

Get ready to hear, “Have you been working out?”

Groupon holders, send an email to to book your class(Subject: GROUPON)

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Upper Body Workout

Imagine using your own body weight to tone, tighten and build muscle. #slimsexy

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No need to wait on Santa to deliver a set of ABS, workout with us!

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Lower Body Workout

What is cheaper than a butt lift? Working out with us! 

additional items needed

While the heels are optional, a hula hoop and small weights are a requirement. offers a wide variety of both Hula Hoops and small weights. Check out our Shop page to order yours today. 

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Hula Hoop

You will need any type of Hula Hoop for the warm-up. 
Either a weighted hoop or one used for fun is perfect.

Get ready we are hula hooping in heels!


Need to purchase a Hula Hoop?

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Heels are completely optional.

The higher the better but work with what you got. 

Working out in heels means we are

Peach Bottom Bound Baby!

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5lb weights

You will use 5 lb weights during the upper and lower body workout. Using 10lbs or higher is a personal choice. We suggest 5lb to start. offers the perfect weights to use during your workout. Just click the link below.

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Resistance Bands

If you do not have enough time to go to gym If you do not have room for large exercise equipment If you do not want to spend much money for being a gym.

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What workout is complete without music?

I suggest you play the music that motivates you the most.

Cause...It's about to go down!

We partner with Nexx Legacy Satellite Radio during each class. Download the app today!

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